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        Rampage can be described as a  two dimensional game based on Quake 
        III Arena.  The point of view for rampage is that of a strategy 
        game.  The game is won by shooting your enemy a certain number of

         Rampage was made using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.  All of the images
         made so far have been made using Microsoft Paint.  The images
         currently used are just there to be recognizable.  Our artist will 
         start the final images shortly.  Rampage Uses Direct Draw for all 
         visual output.  Direct Input support has been added.


          W, A, S, D: Move player.
          Q, E:       Rotate player.
          R:          Switch Weapons.
          SPACE:      Fire.
          Esc:        Exit Game.

          The release of Rampage available for download is an early version.  
          The bugs already known are:
            *Rampage loads all of its images into video memory.  You must
             have at least 9 megabytes of video memory.
            *Moving all the way to the right of the map will cause 
             Rampage to freeze.